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Our mission

MiEspia’s mission is to help families keep their loved ones safe online. In today’s digital frontier, people are spending more time than ever on their phones – an average of 7 hours or more a day  for the normal mobile device user! It can make you feel powerless as you have no idea what your loved ones are doing as they navigate the digital world, unsupervised, and unprepared to deal with the dangers that lurk online.

Each day we hear more reports about terrible stories involving sexting, cyberbullying and predators just to name a few, all of which can end in devastating, lifelong circumstances for our loved ones. MiEspia is here to help families stay aware of their loved ones' online activity and guide them as they navigate the choppy waters of the digital world.

But What about thier privacy?

We understand that families may feel conflicted about invading their loved ones’ privacy while they supervise them online. That’s why MiEspia's tools are designed to allow families to see as much information as they are comfortable with.

They can choose to just receive alerts for specific actions or view all of their loved one's online activity if needed. We value  privacy but not at the expense of safety and security.

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