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Internet hazards are becoming more prevalent as teens become more dependent on the internet. On average, teens spend more than seven hours looking at their screens each day. At this rate, internet hazards, such as online harassment or identity theft, continue to cause an imminent threat to teens. The parents have the responsibility to monitor the safety of their children to remedy this situation. They need to establish rules and guidelines about the proper use of the internet without getting lost in dangerous territory.

  • Discuss the possible consequences of internet hazards

Teens are more susceptible to internet harassment or scams because most of them are oblivious to the possible consequences of their online activities. As early as possible, parents should orient their children about the dangers of joining online chat rooms or social networking websites. By making teens aware of the possible risks of socializing online, they can proceed with caution while using the internet for research projects or joining online message boards.

  • Give a detailed guide on how to avoid internet hazards

It’s not enough for teens to know what internet hazards are out there. Parents must give concrete examples of the best ways to avoid internet hazards to equip them with enough knowledge in case of a bad situation. 

For example, when strangers ask about their information, teens must never disclose their personal details online. They must also know how to block strangers that ask about sharing pictures or videos. Additionally, parents must advise their teen children to report internet predators by saving their information through screenshots.

  • Be straightforward about serious issues

Sensitive issues, such as rape and kidnapping, may seem awkward to discuss with teens at first. However, parents need to maintain a straightforward attitude toward the issue without hiding any details. An open discussion of sensitive information will make teens realize that the threat is truly imminent. Parents must also allow their children to ask questions about sensitive topics, as well as answer them as honestly as possible.

  • Consider the use of monitoring software

As much as rules and guidelines help, the reality is that online harassment by child predators or internet scams are hard to avoid. Parents may opt to use software to monitor the internet activities of teens to ensure their safety. Parents now have the opportunity to check all interactions of their children to prevent the possibility of exposing them to predators. The best part is that this platform is discrete and tamper-proof, which allows them to monitor seamlessly without the knowledge of their children.


The culture of this generation calls for more serious protection of children in their teenhood. Teens are more susceptible to internet scams and harassment because of their peers and environment. Given the immense threat to teens, parents must take every action possible to give their children the most exceptional protection against internet predators. MiEspia is the best way to get a complete safety-guarantee for teens. It is a discrete and tamper-proof monitoring software that allows parents to record data through a secure online dashboard.

If you’re looking to learn more about monitoring your children’s internet safety, get in touch with us today! We’re happy to help.