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Today, children are also largely exposed to technology. They send texts to friends, watch videos, listen to music, play games, do homework, and complete all sorts of other tasks with technology, particularly smartphones. While smartphones have made life a lot more convenient for many people, they pose new challenges for parents.

The Challenges of Digital Connectivity

Being able to connect online to different resources has proven a lifesaver for many. For example, from an educational standpoint, digital connectivity allows the students to look for sources of information from a wide variety of websites, learning more comprehensively about different subjects.

However, many challenges arise. Cyberbullying, cyber relationships, sending nude photos and videos, online pornography, sexual solicitation, communication with strangers, online predators—these are just some of the things that children face when they go online and problems that a parent must end up dealing with.

Monitoring Children’s Online Activities

That said, should parents monitor their children’s online activities? Well, most parents believe they should do so. Many have admitted checking what their children do online and on social media. Some also took the opportunity to talk to their children about internet behavior, what to do, and what to avoid when surfing online.

To add to that, many parents have also started to participate in “digital punishments.” They do this by “timing out” their children, taking away their phones, or switching the internet off as a punishment.

Going Hands-On

While it is evident that children are quickly adapting to new technological devices as soon as they are introduced to the world, so are the parents. They start to adopt different hands-on approaches, such as utilizing software to monitor their child’s online activities. Of course, whether this works or not is still up for debate. 

Regardless of its effectivity, it is still much better than nothing. Most parents state that they have checked the websites their children have visited, including their social media pages, such as Instagram and Facebook. Some still have admitted to going through their children’s text messages and even phone calls to see what they’ve been up to.

Is this going too far as a parent, as to invade a child’s privacy while they’re surfing the web? While a child might think so, to a parent, that might not even be enough. After all, they want to keep their children safe from any harm and would do anything to keep them away from the dangers of the internet.

Bottom Line

If you’re a parent with children who spend most of their time on the internet and are concerned about their activities, remember that you’re not alone. Many parents out there are monitoring what their children do, and you might do the same. You can find software or services that will help you in monitoring your children’s online activities to ensure that they are safe. Whether that might be text messages or phone calls, all of these can now be monitored to protect your loved ones from any online, and even offline, dangers.

Mi Espia has designed an application that secretly monitors your children’s activities from various devices, sending you the data and alerting you of potentially risky behaviors. Get in touch with us today.