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Many parents are hesitant to monitor their child’s mobile phone activities because they fear of losing their child’s trust. However, doing this isn’t just a matter of privacy, but of safety reasons as well. Nowadays, there are many crimes that take place over the Internet and via SMS, which makes it crucial that parents make a way to monitor their child’s activities on mobile.

If you’re still not convinced of why you should monitor your child’s mobile activities, here are six reasons you should do so: 

  • Harassment by Cyberbullies

Bullying has become easier because of the Internet because anyone can post whatever they want. Did you know that many kids who complain of harassment actually root from cyberbullying? Children who are cyberbullied will experience emotional distress, and unfortunately, some children would not talk to anyone about it, even their parents. Monitoring your child’s activities on their mobile phone can help you identify whether or not someone is bullying your child so that you can keep them away from potential harm. 

  • Online Predators

You should be aware that many child predators are now widely using the Internet to find children that they can prey on. When you have a monitoring app, you’ll be able to see who your child is talking to, which can help you quickly spot a child predator. 

  • Know the Bad Friends

Your child won’t likely tell you if their friend is influencing them to do bad things. After all, it’s they’re friends. As a parent, you wouldn’t want your child to be poorly influenced, which is why monitoring who they talk to and what they talk about will give you an idea about the friends who are not good for your child. By knowing this, you’ll be able to speak to your child and possibly have them rethink their friendship with those people. 

  • Protect Personal Information

Children may potentially reveal more about themselves than they should online because of their naivety. This can actually put them at risk. By monitoring their activities on their mobile phones, you’ll be able to prevent any leaks of personal information to unwanted individuals. 

  • Protect Identity Theft

There are many identity thieves online, and children are vulnerable to this. Aside from talking to them about the dangers of identity thieves, it could be difficult for your child to identify one when they’re in the moment. For this reason, there is a huge need for you to know whether or not your child is communicating with an identity thief. 

  • Prevent Viruses and Malware

Online viruses and malware will not only affect your child’s mobile device, but it can also affect yours and others as well. There are many dangers with viruses and malware, and your child may have a hard time distinguishing what is and isn’t one. 

At this point, you now know why you need to monitor your child’s mobile activities. There are now many monitoring apps or software that you can get to help you do this. Before all else, make sure to let your child know about this to create a sense of trust. 

If you’re looking for a mobile phone monitoring application, get in touch with us today! We’re happy to help.